Case Studies

Learn more about Lowy through the incredible stories of artworks transformed by our meticulous conservation work.

A Dangerous Curve

It was so warped when it arrived at Lowy, that it formed an arch. This extreme distortion made it impossible for it to fit into a frame or hang properly for viewing …

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A Dramatic Revelation

A perplexed client brought an oil painting with a largely obscured surface to Lowy in 2006. All that was known about the mystery painting, a hazy semi-abstract swirl of colors, was the title “Theatre” …

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A Revolutionary Restoration

Lowy faced several unique challenges when it was called upon to restore a massive 14-foot by 17-foot oil painting of a battle scene from the American Revolution.

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revolution (1)

Curiously George

“To know that Lowy’s conservators helped bring this part of our nation’s heritage to the fore is doubly gratifying.”

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Dressing Up a Modern Master

When art dealer Deedee Wigmore of D. Wigmore Fine Art needed to clean and frame 60 paintings by Charles Green Shaw, she knew she could count on Lowy.

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Rolled Out of Storage, Creased and Crumpled

A painting by Winold Reiss arrived at Lowy after remaining in storage for many years, neglected, and in need of conservation.

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Bill Santel inpainting Reiss mural

The Reblooming of Martin Johnson Heade Florals

The restoration journey of two floral still lifes by the American painter Martin Johnson Heade (1819- 1904) began when James Maroney, a Vermont-based dealer in American art, received a phone call from a library in the Midwest.

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Saving an Historic New Yorker

William Henry Powell’s “Portrait of George Law” (1856) was covered with grime, and the paint layer was unstable, with lifting and flaking throughout the image that contributed to multiple losses.

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LaFarge Mural Revitalized by Lowy Conservators

Lowy has just completed a challenging conservation of a large mural study painted by John LaFarge. “The Angel of the Sun” has been installed in the library rotunda of the College of Staten Island and will be the center of an upcoming exhibit on LaFarge.

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Ingenuity and Craftsmanship Provide the Answer

It didn’t take an expert to see that the beautiful Impressionist light of “October Morning”, by Willard Metcalf was completely obscured by a dark surface coating when the painting arrived at Lowy.

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ingenuity (1)

History Revealed

“For an art conservator, it’s a special joy to reveal part of a painting that’s been hidden for years,” says Lowy’s Fred Schmidt enthusiastically.

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Historic Mural by Berninghaus Restored

The latest grand scale project taken on by Lowy conservators was the restoration of an historic mural by Oscar E. Berninghaus.

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Preserving Family Ties

New Yorker Eric Pike, creative director of publications at Martha Stewart Living magazine, claims a lifelong fascination with an unsigned portrait of Daniel Webster.

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Reviving A Modern Master

Lowy has helped prepare works by Gershon Benjamin (1899-1985) for a retrospective exhibition.

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"Tulips" by Gershon Benjamin