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Practical Matters – Framing

by Editorial Staff

in Elle Decor, November 2013

This 106-year-old framing showroom and workshop – located in a 14,000 square-foot townhouse on New Yorks’s Upper East Side – is hardly a trade secret. For curators at the nation’s top museums – amd heavyweight collectors like Ralph Lauren and David Rockefeller – Lowy is renowned for its skill in creating custom frames for some of the world’s most priceless artworks.

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Frames for the Gilded Set

by Robert Milburn

in Barron's/Penta Daily, September 2013

“Nothing is permanent” in the world of framing, Shar says. “A new owner becomes custodian of a particular painting or collection and they usually put their own stamp on it.” For example, when Kirk Varnedoe took over as chief curator at the Museum of Modern Art from 1988 to 2001, he replaced the 17th and 18th century Spanish and Italian frames – displaying works like Picasso – with very simple frames. Much to the relief of Lowy employees, the ornate and antique frames have since found their way back to MoMA’s walls.

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Art & Auction

A Conversation with Larry Shar

by Art + Auction staff

in Art + Auction, August 2013

Lowy’s president Larry Shar spoke with Art + Auction about what the right frame brings to a work of art and how the craft is keeping up with the 21st century.

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In Milwaukee, Looking Back to Look Forward

by Peter Trippi

in Fine Art Connoisseur, August 2013

The Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) is celebrating its 125th anniversary with several exhibitions, one entitled Mr. Layton’s Gallery, focusing on the achievements of Frederick Layton and his art collection. Several of the works were recently reframed by Lowy.

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How the West Was Hung

by Deborah Davis

in Western Collector, June 2013

In the June issue of Western Art Collector magazine, Lowy is featured in an 8-page article entitled How The West Was Hung, a fascinating study of western art, changing tastes and how Lowy frames express the art and soul of a painting.

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Art & Auction

Picture Perfect

by Barrymore Laurence Sherer

in Art & Auction, August 2007

Frames have taken on a life of their own that even the debonair Edouard Manet could not have envisioned when he observed that, “without the proper frame, the artist loses all.”

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Framework: A New York Institution Turns 100

by Matthias Anderson

in Fine Art Connoisseur, February 2007

The Secret Lives of Frames: One Hundred Years of Art and Artistry from the Lowy Collection is a reliable indicator of what art enthusiasts can look forward to this month.

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Julius Lowy Celebrates 100 Years

by Deborah Davis

in Picture Framing Magazine, January 2007

Beginning this January, Julius Lowy Frame & Restoring Company of New York, owner of the most extensive inventory of antique frames in the country, will celebrate its centennial year.

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The Lure of Antique Frames

by Deborah Davis

in Antiques & Fine Art, January 2007

Antique frames, in their seemingly infinite shapes and sizes, are beautiful mementos of bygone days. Intricate designs evoke a time when craftsmanship was an art in itself.

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Beyond Borders

by Sheila Gibson Stoodley

in The Robb Report, December 2006

The Julius Lowy Frame & Restoring Co., a Manhattan gallery that stocks more than 4,500 antique frames from the 15th to the mid-20th centuries, will celebrate the unsung hero of the art world throughout 2007, the company’s centennial.

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Larry and Brad Shar of Lowy

by Cindy Tashjian

in Antiques & Fine Art, January 2005

If you think of frames when you think of Lowy, you’re on your way to describing the oldest and largest fine arts services firm in the United States.

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House Beautiful

Frames of Reference

by Linda Dannenberg

in House Beautiful, November, 1999

Lowy is flourishing today not only because the art market is booming, but because, as Larry Shar points out, over the past fifteen years people have grown interested in the art of the picture frame.

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